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Wiltshire Stalking Services

Wiltshire Stalking Services has been established for twenty years and we now have Deer Shoots available on over 65,000 acres of land, with four professional hunters available at all times.

We have many Medal Class Trophies on our Cull Plan and, if lucky, you should be able to shoot one Medal Buck in four.

Stalking Tours

All Buck and Stag stalking tours take place from 1st April to early November. You can book one to five day trips, two outings per day. You will always be with a professional hunter, you are never left alone.

Most hunts are spot and stalk on foot or from the truck. We do use high seats but not very often as we prefer to stalk our animals on foot.

We have a lot of different land, you could be in a large Wiltshire wood one day or on open chalk downlands the next. This gives you great scenery and a chance to see some of our wonderful countryside.

Call us: 07970 556032

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation contact Derek Sealy on 07970 556032 or email wiltshirestalk@btinternet.com

Contact Details

Tel: 07970 556032
Email: wiltshirestalk@btinternet.com


Linden House, Mere,
Warminster, Wiltshire.
BA12 6BW

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